About Us


The Renewable Energy Association of Sierra Leone (REASL) is a trade association that is focused on the development of an efficient and thriving renewable energy market in Sierra Leone

REASL was formed in 2016 as a direct response to the Energy Africa Compact, a UK aid initiative that partners with government and donors to accelerate energy access through a market based approach. . REASL is an association limited by guarantee and registered under the Sierra Leone Companies Act No 5 of 2009.

Amongst its key role of promoting the interest of our members of the renewable energy sector to key stakeholders such as Government, consumers the public sector and other relevant stakeholder group through advocacy, lobbying and marketing; REASL acts as a clearing house for dissemination of information on local and global issues, policies new technologies and business models within the sector.

Our Mission & Vision


To accelerate the adoption of renewable energy for achieving universal energy access and economic empowerment in Sierra Leone.


To be the dominant renewable energy organization for enabling total energy access in Sierra Leone.