REASL Membership

Benefits of being a member of REASL

    •  Networking: Meet and connect with industry actors that matter at our corporate networking events.
    • Access to finance/funding: access to advanced technologies and financial sources.
    • Market Data: Participate in in an anonymous sales and import data reporting and have access to the full data in aggregated form.
    • Regular updates and reports in the industry: access to newsletters that are focused on industry developments both globally and nationally.
    • Be an accredited and compliant industry actor: As a REASL member you will have access to the duty and tax exemption.
    • Member’s only workshops and trainings: Get access to members only workshops and training on key industry trends and challenges of the sector.

Membership Categories


Corporate Member: is open to registered corporate bodies under corporate affairs companies act that are active in the renewable energy industry.

Registration: Le 1,000,000

Annual subscription: 3,000,000


Associate Member: is open to any individual, persons or organizations that have demonstrated strong commitment to renewable energy technologies provided that they fulfill their other obligations to the association.

Student: Registration: Nill

Annual subscription: Le 100,000

NGO’s: Registration: Le 1,000,000

Annual subscription: Le 1,500,000

Financial institutions: Registration Le 1,000,000

Annual subscription: Le 1,500,000.


Honorary Member: is conferred upon by the board of directors to a person that the association chooses to honour for his or her exceptional service to the advancement of the sector.

To become a Member

For becoming a member of the Sierra Leone Renewable Energy Association, it is necessary to:

  1. Read REASL regulating documents and fill the Application form for a selected membership Category – download the documents
  2. Send the Application form signed by an authorized person and certified by the organization seal to our address
  3. Acquire a notification from the Association Executive
  4. Pay the registration and membership fees
  5. Acquire a document certifying a membership in the Association
  6. Contacts for membership coordination e-mail:

Do you wish to enter REASL?

You may apply for acquiring all the necessary documents for entering REASL.
Provide your contact details and e-mail, and we will send you all the necessary materials for entering REASL, and we can advise you by phone.