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SOBA & REASL Partnership on a six months support from DFID-funded…

The Association received a six months support from DFID-funded program Sierra Leone Opportunities for Business Action (SOBA) program in: Stakeholder Engagement: Foster partnerships with key renewable energy stakeholders such as Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MOFED), MOE, National Revenue Authority (NRA) and Standards Bureau and Customs to streamline implementation of duty waiver and GST exemption as laid out in the 2016 and 2017 Finance Acts.
Business and financial planning: Devise a business plan, clearly identifying and articulating REASL’s value proposition alongside supporting financial projections to attest to the Association’s financial health and viability
Institutional Strengthening: Support strengthening of REASL’s institutional arrangements and structures, the outcomes of which included:
• REASL constitution and bylaws, which include safeguards and mechanisms for mediation and dispute resolution.
• Clearly defined organizational structure – e.g. board members, secretariat, etc.
• Clear job descriptions for the secretariat, administrative members, and board of REASL.
• Clearly delineated re-election process, including dates for elections.


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